Stormwater Reline Under Dwelling

Stormwater Reline Under Dwelling

Following an extension at the rear of their dwelling, the owners noticed the new section separating from the original house and sinking toward the outer corner. This was initially attributed to the renovation being built on a shallower foundation than the original dwelling, which is also located in a flood plain area adjacent to the Darebin River.

After significant deterioration this winter which included internal floor and ceiling damage, TBH was called to undertake a preliminary CCTV investigation of the drains. That inspection uncovered a structurally damaged 100mm earthenware stormwater drain running below the extension.

Replacing the drain was not practical due to its location and if left untreated, the stormwater discharging below the dwelling would almost certainly contribute to further damage to the dwelling.

TBH offered an overall total solution to rectify the problem. This included;

  • Removing sections of the earthenware drain and building materials that had collapsed and blocked the drain. Machinery access to the affected area was achieved via a downpipe and a surface drain. This work was completed without digging and without entering the dwelling.
  • Sealing the drain with a 100mm reline, ensuring no stormwater discharges below the dwelling. The owners have a 50 year manufacturer warranty and peace of mind. There was minimal disruption during works.

This was a great outcome for the owner who had seen the situation deteriorate over a period of time. While onsite, we provided a complementary clean of the entire stormwater system.