Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair & Reline

After moving into a newly built 3 storey townhouse, the owners noticed the drains from the kitchen were discharging slowly and over a short period of time sections of the townhouse blocked completely.

TBH was called in to undertake a preliminary CCTV investigation of the drains. After cleaning the drains, the initial inspection uncovered a structurally damaged PVC sewer drain running 1.2metres below the slab directly under the kitchen. It appears a wooden stake had pierced the drain during concreting works and this was not identified or removed.

Replacing the drain was not practical due to its location underneath the completed dwelling. In addition, a damaged drain not correctly repaired could run the risk of sewer discharging below the foundations and causing structural damage to the building over time.

TBH offered the owners an overall total solution to rectify the damage. This included;

  • Completely removing the wooden stake protruding into the drain. Machinery access to the affected area was achieved from the property boundary via the sewer. This step was completed without entering the townhouse.
  • Sealing the drain with a junction reline. Removing the wooden stake completely allowed us to install the reline nearly to the original diameter of the drain. This will ensure no blockages occurring in this area in future and no sewer discharging below the building’s foundations.
  • The owners have a 50 year manufacturer warranty and peace of mind.
  • There was minimal disruption to the owner with the kitchen and bathroom not in use for only 2 hours.

This no fuss, no mess solution was a great outcome for the owner.